Are you looking for Class A offices in the greater Burlington, VT area? A proactive and efficient owner? Then look no longer!

Since 1995, Acabay has been providing premier office spaces and equally attentive management. With a focus on our clients’ needs, we are extremely creative on contract terms. We have also developed a line-up of different services.

We carry out all stages of development, from site selection to turnkey construction, as needed by the client. Our involvement can also be limited to planning and fitting out Rental spaces, or to managing spaces day-to-day. All options are on the table, so long as they meet our clients’ requirements. Companies are always free to fit out their premises on their own.

Throughout all phases of a project, we promote ongoing communication with our clients towards the dual objective of helping them improve productivity and providing them with a pleasant work environment that meets their every expectation.

With close to 40 years in the real estate industry, company founder Frank J. Motter is backed by a small, Team that is ready to act quickly. We have built our reputation on a personalized approach and an extensive knowledge of the markets in which we operate. Our commitment is simple: we work with our clients efficiently and effectively, in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

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